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Fire Leaves Eight Dead at Warehouse in Louisiana
New York Times
Homelessness in the city has worsened since Hurricane Katrina. Linda Gonzales of the New Orleans Mission estimated that as many as 3000 people could be on ...
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Homeless tolerate the freezing weather
WDBO Radio
By WDBO Staff @ December 28, 2010 12:33 PM Permalink | Comments (0) About 650 homeless people find a warm place to stay at The Coalition for the Homeless of ...
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WDBO Radio
Couple has heart for homeless high schoolers
TAMPA - Vicki Sokolik remembers breaking the one rule she was told eight years ago while giving Christmas presents to homeless kids: Don't contact them ...
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Texas woman's legacy to homeless lives on
Houston Chronicle
In lieu of flowers, her parents have requested that friends and relatives send all donations in her memory to Haven for Hope, the homeless center where Mire ...
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Number of state's homeless kids rises
The number of homeless students across the state is on the rise -- including the Tri-Cities. The state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction ...
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US tackles rising veteran homelessness
26 (UPI) -- The Veterans Administration says more than 9000 US veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have been homeless, but the military says it is working on ...
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Many ways to help the homeless
Los Angeles Times
James Long laughs with his mother, Veronica, at the Union Rescue Mission in LA They and the rest of the family are among the newly homeless. ...
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Los Angeles Times

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Mike Klonsky: The Year They Began Calling Poverty and Homelessness ...
By Mike Klonsky
Arne Duncan has chosen to ignore poverty's downward effect on test scores and focus entirely on what he calls "bad teachers" and "failing schools."
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed -
Homelessness Law Blog » My New Year's Resolution: More at Home
By homelessnesslaw
Unfortunately, also last week, the U.S. Conference of Mayors released a report that confirmed what homeless advocates have been saying all year. Homelessness is on the rise. Family homelessness, especially. That means more children ...
Homelessness Law Blog -
Our Chance to Advance and End Homelessness | Poverty in America ...
By coopmike48
I was recently profiled in the Washington Post for using the Internet and social media like Facebook and Twitter to advocate for Washington, DC's homeless community. It has brought out the best and worst in people. ...
Parents 4 democratic Schools -
Three perspectives on today's housing woes: homelessness, doubling ...
By Michael Dahl, Public Policy Director
News these days is awash in information and stories about how the housing market (rental and homeownership) is not working for many people. Today, three stories caught my eye: Homeless – and going to college (Star-Tribune) Many homeless ...
HOME Line Public Policy -
OBAMAnation... A Country In Meltdown Unless You're a Bankster ...
By The Mexican Invasion & Occupation
The recessionary crisis has also seen a jump in the number of homeless families across the US. The US Conference of Mayors 2010 Status Report on Hunger & Homelessness recently reported a 9 percent increase in homelessness over the past ...
The Mexican Invasion and Occupation:... -

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