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Homeless count holds steady within Seattle
Seattle Times - United States
Okrent said homeless advocates suspect that the economy is hitting people harder in South King County and that homeless people are being pushed out of ...
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Dallas holds annual count of homeless
Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA
By KIM HORNER / The Dallas Morning News This week's annual count of Dallas' homeless population offers what organizers call a snapshot of how many people ...
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Homelessness up, especially in South King
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
By JOHN IWASAKI An annual count of homeless people in Seattle and other parts of King County early Friday found a slight rise in the unsheltered population ...
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Volunteers count SC homeless as economy worsens
The State - Columbia,SC,USA
By PAGE IVEY - AP Writer COLUMBIA, SC -- Anita Floyd has been working with the homeless for 20 years, but every time she volunteers to help with the ...
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Cold Nights Concern NC Homeless Advocates
WXii - Winston-Salem,NC,USA
WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- Upcoming cold nights are a major concern for North Carolina's growing homeless population. A new report on Friday found a surge in the ...
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Two miles from Super Bowl stadium, another world
The Associated Press
(AP) — They started lining up at the "Faith Cafe" before lunchtime — the unemployed and the homeless, the hungry and the hopeless. ...
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Family of man found frozen says he wasn't homeless
Detroit Free Press - United States
Authorities Thursday speculated that Redding was likely homeless, but his brother told the Free Press Friday that that was not the case. ...
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Counting homeless population could lead to more funding
KTNV Las Vegas - Las Vegas,NV,USA
So it's a cruel twist that counting the local homeless population cold mean more money for Southern Nevada. Workers are combing the Valley to come up with a ...
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Alabama head-counting state's homeless
By AP A 47-year-old woman who became homeless in Minnesota is included among Alabama's homeless population because she was in a Mobile shelter when survey ...
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LA exec arrested in alleged homeless medical fraud
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
AP LOS ANGELES—A Los Angeles hospital executive has been arrested on charges involving a scheme to recruit homeless people for unnecessary medical treatment ...
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Hurlburt Serves Up Venison For The Homeless (CT News Junkie)
Hurlburt Serves Up Venison For The Homeless; Lawmakers Warn of Husky Transition; Budget Lines Are Being Drawn; Unions Release Poll. Transportation. Metro-North Commuters Criticize Crowding, Fear Fare Increase; Rell: Scale Back Rail ...
CT News Junkie -
Economic Drop, Homeless Boom at The Lantern Blog
Across the country, homeless shelters are making cuts, many closing up. As they close, others are burdened with picking up the slack. This puts more people on the street. It's not just people already homeless, but also first timers. ...
The Lantern Blog -
West Michigan News from the Grand Haven Tribune a Michigan Newspaper
"Many people think of the 'homeless' as those people who sleep on the street like you may see in a large city," Raymond explained. "But homelessness can include families going through an eviction or foreclosure with no place to go, ...
The Grand Haven Tribune City... -
Blue Jersey:: The stories of NJ Homeless
There were many articles about trying to get a count on the number of homeless in New Jersey. While the focus of the articles was trying to get a handle on how many people there are, some of the stories are eye opening: ...
Blue Jersey - Front Page -
dear_mun: homeless, as always
By Dear Mun...
homeless, as always. Y'aint ever gonna do anythin' with me, are ya, gal? At least let me hang around this weird place and talk to some pretty gals make some more friends, mun. C'mon, your head is a weird place, ...
Dear Mun... -

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Homelessness surges as funding falters - Life-
Jan 30, 2009 ... Shelters and services for the homeless are facing funding shortfalls as the economic downturn takes its toll on state budgets and corporate ...

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