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Houston's homeless hurt by crunch on Wall Street
Houston Chronicle - United States
By most accounts, tonight there will be about 10000 people in Houston who are homeless. Believe me, there are not enough shelters to offer each of them a ...
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New homeless shelter opens in Dublin
Irish Times - Dublin,Ireland
PEOPLE FROM eastern Europe accounted for five of the six people who stayed in a new emergency homeless shelter which opened in Dublin city centre at the ...
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Seattle Times
Seattle homeless
Seattle Times - United States
Over the past 30 years, millions of our fellow citizens have experienced profound impoverishment and homelessness for long stretches of time. ...
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US: Homelessness Surges as Funding Falters
Infoshop News - USA
In a report published in December, 330 school districts identified the same number or more homeless students in the first few months of the school year than ...
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Times Online
Homeless is where Simon Callow's heart is
Times Online - UK
What do you feel when you hear that Simon Callow is to star in a staged reading of true-life testimonies of poverty and homelessness? ...
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The Mayor's Committee on Homelessness partnered with the city and forty social service agencies for the one day event. The project is designed to connect ...
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Snohomish Times
Homeless Count Shows Increase
Snohomish Times - Snohomish,Washington,USA
Early results in the Snohomish County annual Point in Time homeless count show an increase in the number of people in Snohomish County without a permanent ...
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Homeless connect event helps local people
WTVY - Dothan,AL,USA
Saturday's homeless connect was the first one held in Dothan. It was hosted by the Southeast Alabama Coalition for the homeless and 50 volunteers stepped up ...
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Baltimore County surveys homeless
Annapolis Capital - Annapolis,MD,USA
These are just two of the men at the Prologue Homeless Outreach Program's Towson facility who participated Thursday in the Office of Community ...
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Homeless man's death in 2008 sparks safety network
Muskegon Chronicle - - Muskegon,MI,USA
AP NEWSFLASH by Susan Harrison Wolffis | The Muskegon Chronicle For more information about the Muskegon County Homeless Continuum of Care Network, ...
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OpEdNews » Housing Crisis Pushing Up Homelessness
While President Bush drove millions of Iraqis out of their homes, his neglect of housing at home was creating a like situation. Now the housing crisis is making matters worse.
OpEdNews - OpEdNews.Com Progressive,... -
US Housing Crisis Pushing Up Homelessness
This past Christmas, this city of 71000---whose principal landmark is the rusting remains of the once thriving Bethlehem Steel Corporation---was unable to shelter its own growing number of homeless families from bitterly cold weather. ... -
Riding to fight homelessness
At San Francisco's Fancy Food show in late January 2009, she demonstrates how she is publicizing the plight of the 700000 mothers who are in homeless shelters across the US - and what people can do to help. ... - Feature Stories -
Aquila Victrix: Minister pledges homes for heroes
By Aquilavic
The Sunday Mirror is claiming victory in its "Homes for Heroes" campaign which seeks to get a roof over the head of every homeless war veteran and to bring in a support framework to help them get back on their feet. ...
Aquila Victrix -
The Common Garden: Fierce Necessity: Habeas Cases, 2/1/09
By Wild Gypsy
January Homeless Watch. (IN SOLIDARITY) 'Spiritual walk' takes homeless woman across 16 states - 1/1/09 ... November Homeless Watch. Attacks on homeless excluded from crime data - 11/12/08.
The Common Garden -

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