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Knox homeless measure provocative
Knoxville News Sentinel - Knoxville,TN,USA
But, in terms of truly addressing the issue of homelessness in Knoxville, to city officials, two words: Good luck. I served on the board of a homeless ...
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County releases 2009 homeless census results
Milpitas Post - Milpitas,CA,USA
Santa Clara County last week released the 2009 Homeless Census and Survey results. The census was conducted in the early mornings of Jan. ...
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Homeless Organize, Stand Together and Win
Infoshop News - USA
What stopped the city from moving forward with these laws was a strong, large, and loud group of homeless people and younger radicals. On Monday June 29th, ...
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Salvation Army report reveals alarming trends among homeless 18-25 ...
Independent Catholic News - London,UK
A generation of young people may be binge drinking their lives away, oblivious to the dangers of social exclusion and homelessness that could result from ...
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Marchers Ask For New Homeless Camping Area - Sacramento,CA,USA
Advocates for Sacramento's homeless are asking for a new camping area now that the Cal Expo shelter has closed for the summer. Marchers went from Sacramento ...
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Is Plaza becoming a homeless camp?
Historic City News - Saint Augustine,FL,USA
The market is quickly becoming a homeless camp – an eyesore and an unwelcome distraction for guests in our downtown lodging and restaurants. ...
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Lethbridge unveils 'bold' plan to end homelessness
Calgary Herald - AB, Canada
CALGARY - As cities across North America bring in 10-year plans to end homelessness, one southern Alberta city aims to solve the problem in half the time. ...
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Report: Recession hurting MN housing situation - Charlotte,NC,USA
Meanwhile homelessness is up, including for children. The Minneapolis Public Schools identified 4384 homeless children and youth during the past school year ...
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Federal grant would assist homeless
Branson Daily News - MO, United States
"Title 12 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 created funding for homeless prevention, referred to by the US Department of Housing and ...
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Homeless ruling on domestic violence victims
Fleetwood Today - Fleetwood,England,UK
Manchester City Council took the view that, although she then became homeless and in priority need, she had become homeless intentionally in being ejected ...
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Lethbridge unveils 'bold' plan to end homelessness - Soundoff
By soundoff
The online source for Calgary news, business, sports, entertainment, classified ads, horoscopes, weather, local news and more.
Soundoff -
Homeless Organize, Stand Together and Win | Colorado Independent ...
By TheRedPill
Those in opposition held signs during the meeting saying things like "Homelessness is not illegal. God Bless." and "Will Work For Free Speech." and "Asking For Help is Free Speech." They also booed and cheered and were according to the ...
Colorado Independent Media Center -
A reflection from Nostrand Park
By kagendo
There weren't homeless men living in the park, but rather there were a group of young men, ranging from about 16-23 in age, who occasionally slept there and two in particular who immediately after waking up, commenced to do sit ups and ...
BLACKstream -
Community Voice Mail-South Florida: Mortgage and rental help
By Geraldjp
The program can pay up to $400 once per year for overdue rent or mortgage payments, or for security deposit for a household that is homeless, being evicted, or whose housing has been damaged by fire, hurricane or other natural disaster. ...
Community Voice Mail-South Florida -
Plymouth has high levels of poor health, poverty, violence and ...
PLYMOUTH is the only part of Devon and Cornwall where health is worse than the national average, according to a new Health Profile from the NHS. Where...
This Is Plymouth channel feed -

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